It Never Rains…

‘It Never Rains!’ is a five part series of pupil-led investigations into the environment. Pupils discover local technology and processes and ask questions of the experts.

The programme gives those working with children ideas for visits they might consider to widen children’s concepts of the environment. It was first broadcast on the Community Channel in the UK in 2013.

The children in this series are from a range of schools, from remote rural villages to bustling towns. They visit a wind farm, a nuclear power station, a farm, a sewage treatment Works and a recycling facility.

The important message here is that Whatever the Weather and Wherever you live there is something just around the corner, which can be fascinating to young minds.

The Footprint Trust, an educational charity, which Works to reduce our ‘ecological footprint’ through a practical pragmatic approach, commissioned this series through Isle of Wight film-makers Utility Films.

The Trust is based on the Isle of Wight, but wished to share its positive approach with other areas of the UK.

Teachers and educators are advised to download and view the PowerPoint presentation and familiarise themselves with its content. Likewise the individual episodes should be viewed prior to showing them to the children. The PowerPoint presentation should be shown to the children prior to watching the relevant episode. The aim of the PowerPoint is to inform using mainly pictures with the teacher asking questions and highlighting the points made.

Episodes Overview

For further information please contact:

Ray Harrington-Vail
General Manager
The Footprint Trust
Riverside Centre
Isle of Wight, UK
01983 822282

This programme was supported by:
REG WindPower, Severn Trent Water, Veolia, The Southern Co-operative & EDF Energy